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Unsolicited Client Comments

I just wanted to say again thanks for all that CFC did for me and our family, it is working out beautifully. I can't tell you enough how much you helped us.
    ... from client CEO

We have relied on Owen Roberts' advice through the years and have found it always on the mark.
    ... from client Chairman and majority shareholder

I would hate to face this day if it were not for the planning that you did for us.
    ... from client CEO son at founder's funeral

I cannot begin to thank you properly for everything you are and have meant to my parents and my family over the years.
    ... from third generation client

Because of our discussions we grew in the conviction to stay private, ignore short-term opportunities, to grow through acquisitions, clean up our organizational needs, and strengthen our company's balance sheet. We have been given a great heritage and a wonderful opportunity to exercise stewardship. Owen, we value the time spent with you and look forward to many years of working together.
    ... from client Chairman and CEO

Thanks for all your help, guidance, friendship, trust.
    ... from third generation client

Dad thought your involvement in our family and business was the best thing that ever happened to him in his business endeavors.
    ... from client Managing Director

Thanks very much for three very constructive days in Florida. You certainly understand family dynamics. You were, as on every occasion, very helpful and very persuasive. Owen, I always marvel at your tremendous grasp of world events and appreciate your realistic approach to all situations. Again, thanks for your friendship and wise counsel.
    ... from client Chairman and CEO

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