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About CFC

We Are Strategic Planning Consultants.

  • Together with our clients we develop strategic plans tailored to their specific situations to achieve their objectives.

Guiding Principles:

  • A prerequisite to any strong, enduring plan is a perceptive view of global economic and monetary conditions.
  • An understanding of economic principles and trends is the basis for sound strategic decisions.
  • The best asset class and financial vehicle for the future may well be a strong and competitive closed corporation.
  • We safeguard our clients' confidentiality in all that we do.

Our Approach To Planning:

  • We are uniquely comprehensive, coordinating corporate and family goals.
  • We assist clients in developing innovative plans for the future ever conscious of ownership, control and yield.
  • We enable our clients to minimize taxes, achieve their important business and personal objectives and, if they choose, to remain private.

Our Performance History:

  • Our record over the last four turbulent decades is outstanding.
  • CFC has been described as demonstrating towering intellect.

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